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Rec-Xercise is a fitness class which takes place on Furzedown Rec. The classes consist of various training methods such as fast & challenging HIIT training, strength / resistance training and fat burning intervals. The exercises are mostly based around the 5 basic movement patterns (squat, lunge, deadlift, push and pull) which simulate the way we get around in daily life. These movement patterns mean you’ll be using nearly all the muscles in your body, therefore expending maximum energy and burning maximum calories.

Rec-Xercise is aimed at everyone, from women (and men!) who are new to exercise, to fitness fanatics.

Post natal mums are welcome too (as well as their little ones!) but if you are newly post natal (have had a baby in the last 6 months) then please drop Anya an email first at so she can go over a few questions with you and check that the class would be suitable for your needs.

The classes are capped at 14 people maximum to ensure that you receive a quality workout and that exercises are carried out with the correct form, avoiding risk of injury.

Rec-Xercise is on:- Tuesdays 7.15pm, Thursdays 9.15am & Saturdays 8am


Payment options:-



MenoLift is a strength training 7 week programme for women approaching (or in) peri-menopause, menopause or post-menopause.   


A weekly 50 - 60 minute class where you can join in person (in Tooting SW17) or on Zoom or by following the Zoom recording at a time that suits you better as well as two weekly home programmes to do by yourself.  The home workouts have easy to follow programmes with videos and descriptions and you'll be added to a What's App group for the duration of the programme to help keep you accountable. 

Women over 40 begin to lose 1% of their lean muscle mass every year and sometimes even earlier at around the age of 35.  During peri-menopause, the loss of muscle and bone density increases. Once you go through into post-menopause the oestrogen loss accelerates and the decrease in muscle and bone mass even more so. As your muscles and bones grow weaker this will make you at more of a risk of osteoporosis and fractures. 

However, it is not all doom and gloom because lifting weights will... 

  • Stimulate muscle-building stem cells which help us maintain our muscles as oestrogen declines 

  • Strengthen your bones 

  • Improve insulin sensitivity reducing risk of diabetes 

  • Help to lower blood pressure 

  • Decrease arthritic pain 

  • Help to reduce visceral (deep belly) fat by ramping up your metabolic rate 

  • Improve immunity 

And not only that, it will make you feel empowered, strong and more confident in your body and what it can do, at a time when you may feel what is happening with it is a little out of your control. 

This course is open to people new to fitness and also those who have been training for years. This course is about YOU and your progression with your strength and fitness and you’ll be recording your progress throughout the weeks. 

For all the latest info please click here 

Class Pass
£50for 5 classes

By using this pass each class will cost £10. This class pass has a 6 week expiry.

Class Pass
£90 for 10 classes

By using this pass each class will be £9. This class pass has a 6 week expiry.



If the class passes aren't suitable, you're welcome to pay to just drop-in.

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