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There’s no reason why you shouldn’t exercise whilst pregnant and there have been many recent studies which show that exercise can be extremely beneficial, as active women are less likely to experience problems in late pregnancy and during labour. Anya makes it her aim to help you reach your due date with as much function, strength and mobility as possible.

After having a baby, it is incredibly important that you ease yourself gently back into exercising. It can be very tempting to rush back to the gym after giving birth, but you run the risk of doing permanent damage to your pelvic floor and core if you’re exercising incorrectly.


Prenatal and postnatal sessions are designed around building up your strength so you can easily cope with the physical demands of being a mum such as lifting and carrying car seats, pushing loaded up buggies and carrying heavy toddlers for long distances when they refuse to walk! Clients are also coached on how to be aware of good alignment and movement patterns, not just when they’re exercising but through the various physical tasks that make up the day for example, squatting to pick up the baby from the floor or deadlifting the baby into the cot.

If you’re a new mum you’re more than welcome to bring your baby along to the session should you need to. Anya has undertaken two courses specialising in training pre and post natal clients and is also a mum herself so understands any difficulties that might be faced, from a personal point of view.


14 Day Intro to Postnatal Fitness & Wellness is a FREE mini course for postnatal mums who have had their 6 week ‘all clear to exercise’ from their GP. When you join us you’ll receive info/videos from Anya each day and have access to a private Facebook group, which will just be set up for the 14 day duration.

On the first day we set a mini goal for the fortnight and then begin on the basics of postnatal fitness, which is getting our core and pelvic floor working together. As we progress through the 14 days there will be some mini workouts aimed at rehabbing and rebuilding your core and some of the topics we’ll be covering will be diastasis recti (and how to check yourself for it), the importance of postpartum nutrition and we’ll be looking at posture and ways to improve your alignment. There’ll also be live Q&A’s where you can get the answers to all your postnatal fitness and wellness concerns.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in just fill out the form below:


Baby Body Reboot is a 6 week online course for post natal women, helping them to rebuild their core & pelvic floor, reconnect with their body and return to exercise safely.

This self guided course bridges the gap to help mums get to where they need to be so that they can return to their gym or favourite fitness class.

​As well as rebuilding their core and pelvic floor, Baby Body Reboot will also improve mum’s strength, body confidence and teach them how to be aware of good alignment and movement patterns not just when training but also in day to day life.


What you’ll receive when you book on:-

  • How to check yourself for diastasis recti

  • Pelvic floor guidance

  • Nutrition advice to help healing and restoration

  • Weekly home exercise plans on video and pdf

You’ll have access to a private members Facebook group to ask questions, get advice and find moral support.

To help with accountability there will be a weekly Monday morning check in and regular Q&As.

You’ll also get a complimentary 30-45 minute pre-exercise personalised screening and goal setting with Anya, which will be carried out via Facetime/Zoom once you book onto the course.

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