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With 1:1 training, your session will be tailored to suit your individual needs and goals. In the first free session, Anya will:-

  • Set a realistic goal

  • Explain how it will be achieved

  • Take you through some exercises to assess how your body moves and what level of fitness you are

  • Discuss your nutrition and what changes need to be made to reach your goal


Sessions will revolve around a mixture of strength training, HIIT training, cardio, resistance training and boxercise, using equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, battle ropes, medicine balls, swiss balls as well as your own body. Although these sessions are one-to-one, if you would like to train with a partner then that can be arranged too.

For 1:1 sessions the first session is complimentary with no obligation to continue. Sessions can then be booked in blocks: 

  • 5 sessions £325 (£65 per session)

  • 10 sessions £600 (£60 per session)

  • 20 sessions £1,100 (£55 per session)

If you’re doing the PT sessions with a partner, the first session is also complimentary, and the the joint sessions are available to buy in blocks as follows:

  • 5 sessions £400 (£80 per session) 

  • 10 sessions £750 (£75 per session) 

  • 20 sessions £1,400 (£70 per session) 





There’s no reason why you shouldn’t continue with exercising whilst pregnant and there have been many recent studies which show that exercise can be extremely beneficial, as active women are less likely to experience problems in late pregnancy and during labour. Anya makes it her aim to help you reach your due date with as much function, strength and mobility as possible. 


After having a baby, it is incredibly important that you ease yourself gently back into exercising. It can be very tempting to rush back to the gym after giving birth, but you run the risk of doing permanent damage to your pelvic floor and core if you’re exercising incorrectly. 


Prenatal and postnatal sessions are designed around building up your strength so you can easily cope with the physical demands of being a mum such as lifting and carrying car seats, pushing loaded up buggies and carrying heavy toddlers for long distances when they refuse to walk!  


Clients are also coached on how to be aware of good alignment and movement patterns, not just when they’re exercising but through the various physical tasks that make up the day for example, squatting to pick up the baby from the floor or deadlifting the baby into the cot. 


If you’re a new mum you’re more than welcome to have your baby alongside you in the session should you need to. Anya has undertaken two courses specialising in training pre and postnatal clients and is also a mum herself so understands any difficulties that might be faced, from a personal point of view. 


The cost of 1:1 pre or postnatal sessions are as above as well as the complimentary session. 

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