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5 benefits of getting outdoors

It's easy to just stay indoors and hibernate now the days are getting shorter and hours of darkness longer. If you're self isolating then unfortunately you may not have a choice but if you're not and you are able to get outside here are just 5 of the many benefits:-

  • Improves your mood - sunlight provokes the release of serotonin, one of those important feel-good chemicals. It also affects the production of melatonin, which regulates our sleep cycles

  • Get your dose of Vitamin D - getting vitamin D is essential for healthy bones, teeth and muscles. Unless you're taking supplements the main way of getting Vitamin D is from sunlight

  • Reduces stress - spending time in nature is highly effective at reducing stress levels

  • Sharpens your thinking - studies have shown that memory performance and attention spans increase by more than 20% after just an hour outdoors.

  • Breathe fresh air - we think of outdoor air as being more polluted especially if you live in a city but actually indoor air can be far worse, from cooking residue to paints, varnishes and fungal spores, to electronics to toxic cleaners so get outside and breathe!



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