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Breastfeeding before or after working out?

For breastfeeding mums it can be a bit of a juggle balancing your workouts with feeding. Some mums can find their babies more fussy when feeding after exercise.

There have been studies over the last few years which have come up with contradictory data on whether or not lactic acid builds up in breast milk after aerobic exercise.

Some studies found that the exercise intensity level had to be very high for there to be significant changes whereas others found it increased when women exercised at a only a moderate level.

High levels of lactic acid may alter the taste of breast milk which your baby may not be so keen on, so you might find it easier to feed before you start your workout.

However researchers have found that regular exercise doesn’t affect the volume of breast milk produced nor the composition of the milk.

If you are breastfeeding here are some suggestions which may help when it comes to exercise:-

- make sure you wear a properly fitted sports bra to exercise, look for one with adjustable straps to accommodate your changing breasts and ideally with nursing clasps or easy-access openings. Take it off as soon as you finish working out to prevent blocked ducts and mastitis

- feed or pump before training, as well as the possible change in taste of the breastmilk, full and heavy breasts may feel uncomfortable and tight when exercising

- make sure you stay hydrated, drink lots of water through the workout

- avoid exercises in a prone position (lying on your front) if this feels uncomfortable

If you breastfeed do you find exercising ok? Does your baby notice any change in the breastmilk if feeding after your workout?

Comment below, would love to hear your experiences!

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