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Pelvic floor exercises

We know during pregnancy and post birth we’re meant to do our pelvic floor exercises. But for most women they’re something they only remember to do when they hear the words,

‘pelvic floor’ or ‘kegels’ (you’ve just started squeezing as you’re reading this, am I right?!)

But these exercises are extremely important for:-

✅ Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles

✅ Reducing the risk of incontinence

✅ Maintaining a strong core as they’re connected to your abs and lower back

✅ Reducing the risk of prolapse

About 50% of women who have had kids, develop some sort of pelvic organ prolapse and this is due to poor pelvic floor muscle strength.

I think if someone had spelt out to me that doing these exercises will literally help keep my organs inside my body, I think I would’ve sat up and taken a bit more notice.

Anyway, if like me you weren’t too hot about doing them during pregnancy and things aren’t quite the same post birth then don’t worry, it’s never too late to get them strengthened again and it’s amazing the difference it can make!

This app called Squeezy is fantastic. It comes with a pre-set exercise plan, has visual guides and sends you reminders.



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