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Pelvic girdle pain

Pelvic girdle pain affects a lot of women in pregnancy and can continue into the postpartum period.

PGP can begin anytime during pregnancy but is most likely to occur during the second or third trimester. It affects the pubic symphysis or the SI joint and the degree of pain can vary from person to person from a mild ache to severe pain.

Some clients of mine have described feeling a sciatica type pain in their glutes and some say it's like a short, stabbing pain in the pubic area. The pain is usually aggravated by movements that involve twisting e.g. getting out of the car or rolling over in bed.

If you think you may have it but haven't had it diagnosed then do get a referral to see a physio/osteo/chiropractor who should all be able to treat it or manage it better.

For now though, give these tips a go which will hopefully help reduce the pain:-

  • when out walking reduce the length of your strides

  • put a pillow between your knees when sleeping on your side

  • squeeze a pillow between the knees when rolling to the side in bed

  • avoid sitting in a slouched position for too long

  • sit down to put on shoes, socks, trousers etc.

  • sit on a plastic bag in the car to help you turn to one side to get out



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