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The fourth trimester

Ah the fourth trimester, that 3 month transitional period for mum & baby just after the baby is born. For mums it’s generally a sleep deprived blur of huge life adjustment, 24 hour round the clock caring for a tiny human. They tend to put their nutritional needs to one side whilst the focus is making sure their baby is feeding enough.

However for new mums to recover quicker, heal their bodies and increase their energy levels, good nutrition is key.

Here are 3 top tips:-

Tip 1: try and have a healthy breakfast

Babies are usually the happiest in the mornings so grab the opportunity to have a nutritious breakfast. If your baby is clingy in the mornings though, overnight oats with fruit is an easy fuss free breakfast. Another good option is pre-boiled eggs on wholemeal toast with some avocado. You can batch boil a few eggs at a time, then once they’ve cooled down, pop them in the fridge keeping their shells on and they should last for a few days.

Tip 2: use healthy cheats

These little quick fixes can help you to prepare a nutritious meal in just minutes:-

- Buy pre-chopped vegetables - Use ready to go protein eg tinned tuna, pre-cooked chicken/lentils/quinoa, smoked salmon - Use easy carbs eg microwave rice - Buy pre-prepared salads that you just need to add some protein to

Tip 3: stay hydrated

Drinking enough water is essential to help avoid the fatigue, headaches and other symptoms that result from dehydration. Staying well hydrated is particularly important for mothers who are also breastfeeding, as being dehydrated can reduce milk production and affect the composition of the milk. Many mums report feeling extremely thirsty when they begin a feed, so always have a bottle of water next to you when you begin.



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