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Antenatal classes

I signed up to do an NCT course when I was pregnant with my first child. Not really knowing why, but mainly because it’s what everyone seems to do when they’re expecting a baby! Some people call courses like NCT, ‘paying for friends’, which I guess technically it is but forming friendships with these 3 was invaluable.

I can’t remember what I actually learnt on the course and I’m not sure how much of it was that useful! But having a group of mums living close by going through all the new challenges and experiences at exactly the same time as me was definitely a bonding experience. Messaging each other 50 questions a day like ‘should their poo really be that colour?!, doing laps round the park for hours pushing the buggies and empathising with each other how tired we are, have evolved over 8 years (and 9 children!) into boozy nights out, holidays and 40th birthday parties.

If you’re pregnant and especially if you don’t have a good support network around you, I would wholly recommend doing an antenatal course (there’s lots of others not just NCT!) as having a baby is one of the most life changing experiences you can go through so getting as much support as possible is so important.



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