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C Sections - what I wish I'd known

I ended up having to have a planned C section for my second baby. It was obviously a completely different experience compared to having a natural birth which is what I had for my first baby, but there are lots of things that I hadn't really been aware of until I went through it.

These are just a few of the things that I wish I'd known pre-C section:-

  1. You will be sore for perhaps at least a week afterwards. I was sent home with paracetamol and ibuprofen and overlapped taking them every 2 hours. If I kept to the schedule the pain wasn't too bad at all but as soon as I missed the window where I should've taken the painkillers the pain came back in a big way!

  2. You'll probably be wearing leggings, tights or high waisted trousers for a while. For me it was a few months as every time I tried to put on a pair of normal jeans, the waist band pressed against the scar making it uncomfortable and a little sore. Big granny pants are your friend!

  3. Slowly roll to one side to get in and out of bed (actually this is good advice whatever kind of birth you've had.) If you sit up right in bed you're essentially doing a sit up which isn't advisable just after having had a baby because of the amount of strain on your poor abdominal muscles so if you can avoid doing this movement for the time being all the better.

  4. Accept that you will be moving around like a 90 year old for at least the first few days. Take all the movements slowly and gently. It will help your recovery to start walking (slowly) if at all possible, even just around the house rather than lying in bed all day.

  5. Remember you've had major surgery and it will take time to recover. Accept help when offered, make sure your meals are as nutritious as possible and try and get as much sleep as you can - all these factors will help you recover quicker.

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