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When do you stop being postnatal?

6 weeks after giving birth?

6 months?

Maybe a year?

Everyone has different opinions but I believe if you’ve had a baby you’re classed as postnatal forever.

And this is nothing to be scared about. This does not mean that if you’re experiencing common after effects of pregnancy/birth like pelvic floor dysfunction or a weakened core, that your body is going to stay like that forever.

There is no reason why a postpartum body can’t (with time) be fitter and stronger than it was pre-kids.

Too many mums are in a rush to get through the postpartum period, because society tells them they need to get back to what their bodies were like pre-pregnancy, and erase all evidence that they were ever pregnant.

But if you don’t allow yourself time to heal and recover as well strengthen and rebuild, the negative postpartum symptoms that you currently have will last much longer

So take your time, there’s no rush.

Rest, recover, rehab, rebuild.



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