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Pros and cons of postpartum abdominal wrapping

Postpartum abdominal wrapping is a bit of a controversial topic in the fitness and rehab world. There are two varying opinions:-

1. Some people believe that using an abdominal wrap or compression garment postpartum can help give the body support after the trauma of birth and speed up the healing and rehab period.

2. Others believe that using an abdominal wrap or compression garment can cause problems for the pelvic floor as wearing them could stop the person from managing their intra-abdominal pressure well.

Reasons why you might use a wrap or compression:-

- you feel like your body is more supported

- you find it reduces your pelvic or lower back pain

- you feel it has a positive impact on your mental health

Reasons why you shouldn’t wear a wrap or compression:-

- to help close a diastasis recti

- to ‘get your abs back’, it is not something that will magically shrink your belly!

- if wearing one feels uncomfortably tight and is impacting your breathing

- if it’s causing you to have pelvic floor dysfunction

- if it causes any kind of pain

If you do decide that abdominal wrapping is for you, here are some tips:-

- make sure it is comfortable. It should be supportive not suffocating! Look for adjustable, stretchy styles that can adapt to your body

- it should be easy to put on, otherwise you’re unlikely to wear it as who has hours to spare with a newborn!

- Make sure you can still move your body easily when wearing one.



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