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All about the glutes

Strong glutes are important at any time of your life but particularly when you are pregnant or after having had your baby.

Lower back pain is common during pregnancy and this is often due to bad posture stemming from weak glutes. Strong glutes will not only support your pelvic floor but will help stabilise your entire body through all the huge changes it goes through during pregnancy.

Once the baby is out, mums spend A LOT of time lifting – their babies up from the floor, buggies into the car boot or up and down stairs, car seats into the back of the car, shopping, laundry etc etc. so using our bigger stronger muscles, like our glutes (and hamstrings) for these movements is going to be a much better option, if we want to avoid straining our backs.

Without strong glutes the rest of the body moves inefficiently and somewhere along the line there will be a break down in the chain. Glutes are the foundation of the core so if you want a strong core, training your glutes is a must!

Here is a mini glute workout which you can use with or without a mini loop band.

(Using one will make it more challenging.)

Mule kicks x 30 secs each leg

Straight leg lifts x 30 secs each leg

Fire hydrants x 30 secs each leg

Clams x 30 secs (then straight into the next exercise)

Side lying leg raise x 30 secs (then repeat this and previous exercise on other leg)

Glute bridges x 30 secs

Hip abductions x 30 secs

X 3 rounds

Let me know how you get on!


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